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The First Printmaking Museum Of Turkey, IMOGA


IMOGA located on the Asian side of Istanbul, covers a six-storey, 2000 sqm building designed to serve various activities and purposes. The ground and lower two floors have an 1100 sqm potential area for exhibition, where the works in the museum’s permanent collection are displayed in an alternating fashion. IMOGA offers opportunity for the production of not only Visual Arts, but other branches of art as well.






















The Museum has a world class archive system. The whole inventory is documented in digital format, forming the basis of the soon to open museum website. IMOGA additionally features, a framing and photography studio. The world wide recognition of the artworks produced and the fact that the studio has opened its facilities to international artists make IMOGA a global foundation.





















At Artess Printmaking Studio, while Turkish and foreign artists are offered the chance to produce in various techniques such as etching, silk screen, linoleum and lithography, they also have the opportunity to benefit from the studio’s international knowledge and experience. Artess’ mentality of printmaking is not perceived as a technique of reproduction, but as a tool enabling a potential of various techniques to create an original work of art.





















The quality and authenticity of the prints are under the guarantee of Artess. Reliability and ethical values are of utmost importance to Artess and IMOGA, with regard to the printmaking procedures by the artist and to the buyers of the prints. Because of IMOGA’s firmly established principles, production and sales are carried out with great care and control, protecting the rights of both the artist and the buyer. Mavi Art Studio is the exclusive UK representative of IMOGA.