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Seçil Erel

Seçil Erel was born in Istanbul,1980, where she lives and works now, if she is not working temporally abroad with an artist’s

grant or participating in international workshops, and art residencies. 




Art is my way of trying to understand existence and reality. As an artist, what has been most essential to my development is

moving out of my comfort zone. I've found that changing my perspective; going to new places, coming across new experiences,

different people and different cultures has taught me a lot more about existence, belonging and history. 


I recreate architectural plans and turn them into paintings in an effort to transform my experiences and suggest alternative ways

of communication. I like to begin with a fictional infrastructure based on territories I've inhabited and let my pieces take shape

through a production process directed by the natural, random flow of painting, hence questioning the precision of architecture

and memory. I create new spaces and suggest new architectural systems in order to explore the relationship between painting,

life, space and time. My paintings seek to outgrow the boundaries of canvases, walls, ceiling and sometimes floors. 

In addition to my oil paintings and my works-on-paper, I work with installation using lightboxes, paint and found materials.