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Yaprak Akinci was born in Istanbul in 1984. 


A graphic design graduate of the illustrious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, she has produced

photography, illustration, cinema and engraving works. 


In 2010, she moved to Rome to study for a Masters in Graphic Arts at the Accademia delle Belle Arti.

In 2012, Akinci received the Premio Terna’s ‘Arte Genera Arte’’ prize. She was a finalist of the Premio Pittura

INAIL and the Premio Fibrenus in 2013 and the UbqArt Award in 2015. 


She has exhibited in many shows in Istanbul, Rome and Carrara and had her first solo show in Rome in


After moving to London in 2015, she won first prize in the International Confederation of Art Critics (ICAC) Art

Contest. ICAC is currently producing a catalogue of her work to date.

She was one of the artists chosen to exhibit at ArtRooms 2017, in London.

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Istanbul, where I witnessed unfettered architectural growth and cultural change over

many years. Upon moving to Italy in 2010 for my own personal and educational development, this

observation became an artistic inclination.

My increasing focus on painting led me to collect images of industrial areas, abandoned places, factories,

crowds and modernity, which would later serve as inspiration for my artwork. 

My works represent the degeneration, consumption, modernity and contrasts of the world - sometimes with

an imaginary scene from a future ruined by an unknown catastrophe, sometimes simply with a mass of black